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pwncheck® (patent pending) is the simplest and quickest way to get an overview of how many users on your network are using compromised or weak passwords. We use the most comprehensive and authoritative collection of compromised passwords and pack it in a relatively small self-contained and encrypted binary file using the best algorithms currently available.

The most comprehensive collection of breached and compromised passwords

With pwncheck® you can quickly get an overview of which of your Active Directory users are using a breached password that is contained in the HaveIBeenPwned (HIBP) Database by Troy Hunt. Additionally pwncheck® tells you which of your users are sharing a password or using a blank password.

pwncheck® will allow you to quickly eradicate compromised passwords!

No Installation Required, instant results

This tool will be useful to System Administrators, IT Managers and Information Security Managers to easily and efficiently gain a holistic picture of the internal Active Directory Password landscape. The results can be presented to senior management and auditors to assist with future strategic decisions.

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Satisfy Legal and Auditory Requirements

With pwncheck® you can avoid the legal implications of dealing with storing breached database data on your corporate network and the security and compliance pitfalls of having your IT staff deal with user hashes and have access to user passwords. The pwncheck® solution was built with security and privacy in mind thus shielding this burden from your technical resources.

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